Wanna be an ass?

As you may recall, last summer I was fired from the university where I worked so that a spineless sack of crap vice president could hire another of his friends. That university also hosts an annual book festival and, during the two years I was there, I was heavily involved in promoting it, rented booth space both years, did signings, sat on panels, all that stuff. This year, they never even asked if I wanted to participate. Now, I’d never encourage you to be spiteful, but wouldn’t it be funny to hit this e-mail link (annlacy9@hotmail.com) and ask Ann Lacy, a self-published author who happens to be OCU’s third best benefactor, if I’m going to be at the Oklahoma Centennial Book Festival this month? hehehe

In other news … well, there’s nothing, really. JJ at Fine Tooth Press reported today that he got a proof of Darkscapes and it looks good, so the book should be available in 10 days or so. There will be links here and on the front page of my Web site when the book’s available for order. Shocklines has offered to stock signed copies.

As to Shara and Scrybe Press … the silence is too much even for the crickets. No word. Nada. I forwarded an e-mail I got last week from a reviewer/librarian asking about the new edition in hopes it would prod Scrybe, but there was no response. Still no contract for Seven Days in Benevolence, either. If not for Kirk Alberts’ excellent cover that Scrybe commissioned I’d have already pulled that one and shopped it elsewhere. I still might, but will likely wait until July and see if Shara actually sees release.

Still editing on Ulrik.


One thought on “Wanna be an ass?

  1. I’m sure Kirk wouldn’t mind if you shopped it elsewhere, especially if you just tell the new publisher that you already have a fantastic cover. Besides, I’ll bet he’d do another one for you if you asked.

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