New word on SHARA

Here’s most of a message I found in my e-mail this morning. It comes from Nathan Barker, the owner of Scrybe Press.

Shara (trade paperback) should be in-hand within the next 7-9 days.  I’ll have pre-order pages up at kayleighbug, Scrybe, and Shocklines within the week.

How do you feel about the simultaneous release of a limited hardcover? 50 copies – signed & #’d. 

Yeah, I can do that. My first solo hardcover. That’ll be nice. But, I’m not going to count eggs and call them chickens just yet. If I get copies of Shara in my furry paws, however, you’ll know about it. If you’re interested in the limited hardcover, e-mail Nathan about details at Or Matt at Shocklines at I have no idea what to expect as far as demand for such a thing. They may sell out immediately, or they may end up as part of a multi-book grab bag just to get rid of them someday.


6 thoughts on “New word on SHARA

  1. Congratulations Steve!
    By the way, I got MURDERED BY HUMAN WOLVES in the mail yesterday. I’ll bedigging into it soon. Can’t wait for the other two to arrive!

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