My boys

Alex has been staying (a little) busy doing yard work for a neighbor this summer. He’s made some decent money for hard work done in the hottest part of the day sometime. I’d be a lot more proud of him if he’d spend it on better music. Teenagers today have really bad taste. (Yeah, yeah. I’m old. I know it.) He’s a good kid, though. He’s going to see Rob Zombie with me and Kim in a couple of weeks, so there’s still hope he’ll come out of this Mudvayne, Slipknot kinda phase.

Jacob discovered The Creature from the Black Lagoon today. Kim’s been sleeping in a Creature shirt I bought for me, then decided I didn’t like. (Don’t ask.) Jacob was asking about the monster on it, so I told him we’d watch the movie. He woke up today and asked Kim for it, so she put it in and the little booger watched the whole thing. He wanted it again this evening, so we sat in the recliner and watched it together. I pretended to be scared so he could assure me, “It just a moo-vee!” Maybe tomorrow we’ll watch Revenge of the Creature. Or maybe I’ll introduce him to Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster.

I reckon someday he’ll grow up and listen to crap, too. haha  Right now is favorite song in Wednesday 13’s “I Walked with a Zombie.” It’s the cutest thing to watch him sing along to it in the van.

I think I’ve dozed twice writing this. Must be time for bed.


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