Shara breaks silence on VP talk

Online speculation has been rampant for the past week as Zombie Reform Party presidential candidate Johnny Gruesome mulls his pick for vice president. Shara Wellington, Mother of the Werewolf Pack, has been mentioned as a possible pick, but so far has not spoken on the matter.

Today, however, the elusive lycanthrope released a statement through her spokesman.

“I have been dealing with a personal issue for the past week and only just learned of this issue,” Wellington wrote. “I am flattered that Mr. Gruesome would consider me as his running mate. I cannot confirm at this time whether or not I have been contacted about that possibility, but I will say I am a fan of his do-or-die work ethic. I think Mr. Gruesome will make a very competent president of the United States. Anyone who has read his recent biography would have to agree.”

Wellington’s spokesman would give no indication as to her desire, or lack thereof, to become Gruesome’s running mate. He did say that she does not hold a grudge about recent misspellings of her first name, however.

It is believed Wellington may be interested in the position, as her long-time mentor, Josef Ulrik, has publicly advised her that her son is destined for political power, at least among the werewolves.


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