Double Whammy Reviews!

Horror World was good to me this month. Ron "I Look Like Tim Curry and Need a Beer" Dickey wrote reviews for Seven Days in Benevolence and Ulrik. You can read all of both reviews by clicking on the link. Here are a couple of snippets to whet your appetite.

"If you’re in the mood for a ghost story with all the benefits of a classic chilling tale, plus all the nuance and sensibilities of a modern writer, look no further than Seven Days In Benevolence. It will scare the crap out you."

"If you’re looking for a book about lycanthropes that stands out from the crowd, Ulrik is the book for you."

Don’t forget, you can buy these critically acclaimed books right here at Amazon.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about Little Graveyard on the Prairie. There are only 48 copies left for pre-order.


5 thoughts on “Double Whammy Reviews!

  1. Well deserved, Steve. You know I’m jonesing for you to write that next werewolf sega book. And I still think that Benevolence is the best damn ghost story I’ve read in a very long while. One of the rare books that I can picture enjoying for another round somewhere down the line..

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