Can this be for real?

Can it be? I’m not sure. But … yes … it does seem to be.

I have finally — no, FINALLY — finished the first complete draft of The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date. Look at this:

Okay, well, this word meter won’t let me show how I went over the original estimated word count which, you’ll recall, was 60,000 words.

I was beginning to think this was the book that would never end. That was especially depressing considering the speed at which a certain still-kinda-secret project was written back in December. But now it’s finished. I’ll turn it over to my critique group this afternoon. And I have a voracious student waiting for the end, too. It’ll be nice to see what someone in the target age group has to say about it.

The werewolves are waiting for me. And I am more than ready to revisit them. The Pack is gathering, after all.


7 thoughts on “Can this be for real?

  1. casting a spell
    Maybe nobody wanted to date them, but they are certainly fun to read about…
    (I feel very privileged to be one of those critique group members πŸ˜‰

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