’s ACX program

I became hooked on audio books a few years ago because there just isn’t enough time in the day to read everything I want to read. There is, however, a lot of time spent doing pretty mindless, mechanical tasks, like mowing the lawn, washing dishes, driving, etc. That’s when I first signed up with Since then, I’ve greatly increased my “reading” intake of new books and old favorites. My recent review of The Hunger Games, for instance, was based on the audio book.

With this new love for audio books, naturally I wanted to see my own work adapted for the market. Of course, the previous publisher of most of my books took no initiative when I prodded him to investigate making it happen, and my own queries to various production companies either went unanswered, or there was no mutual interest.

But now has this new ACX side project that allows authors to submit works they own the audio rights to for narration. I just listed Shara through the program and am waiting to see how it works out. I can’t really explain why I’d be so excited to have my books available in audio format, but I would.

The program is looking for narrators, too. If you think you have the acting chops, give it a try at this link.


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