Kindle Exclusives

This page is for listing things I’ve released through’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. Many of these things are collections of short stories that will include things pulled from the paperback Darkscapes or that were published in anthologies or magazines after Darkscapes was released. I try to include at least one new piece in each Kindle release.

zombie whispererThe Zombie Whisperer contains four stories. The lead story, “The Zombie Whisperer,” was written for and published in a specific anthology and is about a group of people living in a Deep South fortress after the zombie apocalypse. The girl is hoping a traveling mystic can communicate with her dead father. “One Night in Benevolence” was my first foray into self-publishing with Amazon’s short-lived Amazon Shorts program and is the story about how promises live beyond the grave. “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs” and “Dead Betty” were never published, but were hits at convention readings. Both are pretty raunchy, which limited their marketability.

You can buy The Zombie Whisperer for just $2.99.

The God of Discord is an unthemed collection of 11 short stories, 10 of them being thegod of discord and others best offerings from Darkscapes, along with the title piece that was published after that book. In “The God of Discord” a little girl who plays a series of wrong notes on her clarinet may have attracted the attention of a Lovecraftian terror from space. Her father certainly thinks he sees an eye opened in the dark of the sky, watching him, and he’s desperate to avert whatever fate the entity may be contemplating for his planet. Or he could just be a crazy, abusive alcoholic.

The God of Discord can be on your Kindle now for only $2.99.

Unholy Womb and Other Halloween Tales is a collection of unholy womb coverfive stories involving the best holiday on the calendar. The title story, sadly, has been cut and pasted all over the Internet, sometimes with the poster claiming the tale as his/her own. “The Halloween Feast” and “SKN-3” have also been around for a while, but “Hungry is the Night” has only previously appeared in a Graveside Tales anthology. “Scream of Humanity” is a brand new piece published here for the very first time. I’ve priced this one low because of the age and availability of some of the stories.

You can buy Unholy Womb for just $1.

I should note that Unholy Womb is also available as an audiobook.

Finally, “Nadia’s Curse” is a piece of The Werewolf Saga. This single long story tells how Nadia, the oracle of a pre-historic Germanic village was betrayed by her lover and how shenadias curse cover then cursed his entire village, turning them into the animals she believed they acted like. In the novels of the series, Nadia is seen only as a mysterious figure haunting the dreams of shapeshifters. This story explains who she really was, what happened to her, and what she sacrificed to get her revenge.

“Nadia’s Curse” will probably be unavailable when I get around to re-releasing an updated edition of Call to the Hunt later this year. So, get it while you can for only 99 cents!

This next one is my first foray into the world of anthology editing. Tails from the Pack comes to you from Sky Warrior Tails of the Pack CoverBook Publishing, my friend Maggie Bonham’s company. It was a labor of love to put together, but make no mistake, it was a labor. It was no fun having to reject some fine stories written by really nice people, but in the end I think I offered readers 11 very good tales about shapeshifters. Well, maybe 10 really good ones, plus a brand new one I wrote called “Can You Make Me a Werewolf?” Some of the other authors included are Mark Finn, Tiffani Angus, Frog and Esther Jones, and Aaron Smith. I think you’ll like this one.

The price of the anthology is $4.99.

My ghost story novellas Seven Days in Benevolence (Double Dragon Press) and Little Graveyard on the Prairie (Bad Moon Books/Evil Jester Press) are still available separately for the Kindle; this is their only electronic format. MoonHowler Press has released them together in one print volume called Two Oklahoma Ghost Stories.

All four volumes of The Werewolf Saga, as well as After Obsession (with Carrie Jones) are also available for the Kindle.

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