I am working to make all my books available to a wider audience than just Amazon. As I get them moved, I’ll add links to buy for each title. Until then, for books without their own links, you can buy from Amazon, click here or Barnes and Noble. Please support your local independent booksellers whenever possible.

A Light Beyond (MoonHowler Press, 2017)

Something magical happened in the summer of 1978. Thirteen-year-old Robert Prince fell in love with Alia, a mysterious older woman who lived down the street.

Something horrible and deadly happened between Robert, Alia, and his friends Scott and Tim. Something that would leave Robert scarred for the rest of his life.

Unable to forgive himself or to love anyone else after what happened when he was thirteen, Robert sinks into a world of masochism and despair, seeking redemption for the sins of his past.

Inheritance (MoonHowler Press, 2014)

Lynette Cook knows terror and abuse, first from her father, then from the boyfriend she thought was her savior. Free at last from her own tormentors, she lives with her teenage daughter in a small town in Oklahoma. But the terror isn’t over. When she finds her daughter drugged, unconscious and mired in horror of her own, Lynette takes the only action she can. Who will inherit the title of victim?

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