Call to the Hunt

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print. a new edition with a few additional stories — including at least one never-before-seen tale — is in the works.

A Collection of 12 Tales Introduced by Best-Selling Author Kelley Armstrong

Journey to a New World
Gretchen Hundt protects her werewolf husband Gar on the Atlantic crossing to the colonies of the New World, until she is accused of his murder and executed.

Of Witches and Werewolves
Josef Ulrik helps a colonial village solve its witch problem.

The Feast of Saratoga
A colonel in the colonial army, Josef Ulrik and his band of Indian scouts stalk a regiment of British soldiers on their way to Saratoga, New York.

Following a vision in a dream, Ulrik seeks out the red-haired Elysia in her religious school, but finds the nuns understand his purpose.

Henry’s Run
An escaped slave flees the plantation where his daughter was sold into prostitution and his wife was murdered. With the hounds baying behind him, he encounters the mysterious helper slaves have whispered about.

Call to the Hunt
In a cabin on the American frontier, Ulrik takes in the strange Sioux Indian girl named Kiona Brokentooth, a girl who believes her spirit leaves her body to inhabit the body of a wolf.

Latent Lycanthropy
Long before she met Josef Ulrik in the classroom of an Oklahoma college, young Shara Wellington showed that when she’s pushed hard enough she can become a beast.

Biological Clock
In the story that spawned The Werewolf Saga, Shara Wellington becomes the first werewolf to give birth, much to the horror of her betrayed husband.

Show Me
Ulrik shows young Dora that her grandmother was indeed correct. He really is a werewolf.

Sunday Dentistry
Dentist Jarrod Golding agrees to see a new patient needing an emergency filling on a Sunday morning, but Robert Tate is unlike any patient the young dentist has ever treated before.

Kiss of the Wolf
Luther McGrath lures a lonely woman to a mansion bedroom but is interrupted in his amorous pursuits by Joself Ulrik in their final meeting.

To be a Mother
Kiona Brokentooth returns home from her werewolf cycle only to learn that the boy she kidnapped has been stolen from his babysitter, once again causing a setback in her bid to become the Mother of the Pack.

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