shara cover mhp kindleWhen her senior prom ended in disaster Shara Wellington withdrew deep into herself, never telling her parents what happened, and living as an invisible woman on her college campus. Professor Josef Ulrik, however, saw something in the shy young woman and on a snowy December night he offered her the Gift of Lycanthropy.

Shara’s world changed that night. She found power and freedom. When Ulrik took her into the forests of the Rocky Mountains she learned to use her new Gift and how to survive as a wolf. But then, as suddenly as he came into her life, Ulrik departs, leaving her a small fortune and instructions to contact a friend of his in Oregon.

Abandoned, Shara commits to a marriage that ends in tragedy and leaves her trapped in her wolf form for two years, until Ulrik once again rescues her. Now, strong and determined, she may have found a cure to her lycanthropy, something that will allow her to be a normal woman, wife, and mother.

But the Pack is gathering. There is something quite unique about Shara. Some want to kill her. Others say they have been waiting centuries for her.

In this new edition of the first full-length novel in The Werewolf Saga, Wedel offers the complete, uncut text for the very first time. Readers will gain deeper insight into Shara’s relationship with her parents, with the boy who rapes her, and with her mentor, Josef Ulrik. Published 2013 by MoonHowler Press.

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It’s a fresh update on the werewolf mythos that I dug the hell out of. — Brian Keene, author of The Rising and Terminal

Shara is a gripping novel, and sets the bar pretty high — not only for the future novels in the Werewolf saga — but for all werewolf novels hereafter. Wedel, in my opinion, is single-handedly renovating the werewolf subgenre the way that Anne Rice rejuvenated vampires (except without the annoying, moody, pansy-assed characters). Mark my word, this is definitely a book to add to your collection! —

A terse, tense literary throwback to the Universal horror films of the ‘30s and ‘40s, Shara is that rare commodity among horror novels:  a book that manages to be both frightening and fun while breathing new life into one of the genre’s oldest tropes.  Steven Wedel’s rock-solid debut pegs him as a writer to watch.  Especially when the moon is full…. –Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Things Left Behind and The Indifference of Heaven

Shara is an adventuresome, colorful, and compelling horror story that breaks the traditional werewolf rules and offers us a new kind of beast of burden.  Here you’ll find believable characters, non-stop action, and cliff-hanging suspense that keeps the narrative gears shifting when you least expect it.  Wedel’s smooth prose is vivid, engaging and sharp as a wolf’s claw. –Tom Piccirilli, author of The Night Class and A Choir of Ill Children

There is incredible depth to this book … there is romance, mystery, action, and even slice-of-life contemporary fiction. Wedel flows between them all with deft ease. — City Slab magazine

[T]he book is easy to read and well-plotted … The characters are likable and the story gripping. But you will need to leave the lights on.  — The Oklahoman

Absolutely refreshing!  A new spin on one of the oldest subgenres in Horror, Shara is a classic tale in a modern novel that leaves you breathless, desperately hoping ‘the pack’ has more to tell!

Written with such skill and clarity of his characters, you don’t even notice Wedel’s writing style at all.  Completely dimensional characters that you can reach out and touch make the story, and easily pull you into the pages. —

Steven E. Wedel’s Shara is thoroughly beguiling.  Caught between two worlds, accepted by neither, we accompany Shara on her terrifying, supernatural journey to belong, and indeed to survive the perils and torments that threaten at every turn.

Mr. Wedel’s beautiful, soul-searching narrative and startling imagery sweep us along with Shara to the thrilling conclusion, and he leaves us breathless. –Diana Barron, author of Phantom Feast

In Shara, Steve Wedel does for werewolves what Joss Whedon and Buffy accomplished with vampires. A modern take on a classical beast, Shara delivers in every way and leaves the reader begging for the next chapter. — M. Stephen Lukac, author of Oogie Boogie Central

Not since I read Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot as a teenager have I been so enthralled by a novel dealing with a classic Horror archetype. This work grabbed me by the throat and would not let me go! — Michael West, author of The Wide Game

Shara is an excellently written werewolf book that belongs in the core collection of any werewolf fan’s collection and is a must have acquisition for a library.  Wedel does a fantastic job of describing the changes in both personality and physical characteristics of Shara as her lycanthropy develops.  —

old shara

The first edition, 2003 by 3F Publications

The second edition, 2006 by Scrybe Press
The second edition, 2006 by Scrybe Press

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