Kimber Haig

As a teacher, I’ve held back for years on publicly revealing that Kimber Haig is a pseudonym I use. Some parents wouldn’t like the idea of their kids’ teacher writing erotica. But … what the heck?

I’m gonna say now that erotica is really the only genre I’ve written in where I actually researched trends and tried to grab onto what’s selling. Billionaires and shape-shifters and older men/younger women are some of the sub-genres I’ve … explored.

The name Kimber Haig is a derivative of my now ex-wife’s first and maiden name. She was okay with it at the time; I don’t know how she feels about it now. I wish I’d picked something else, but that ship has sailed.

Here’s Kimber’s bio from Amazon: Kimber Haig always wanted to travel the world, but a lack of finances has kept her living within a 200 mile radius of where she was born. Fortunately, there were always books to take her to faraway and exotic locales. As a single mother, her favorite time of the day is late at night when the kids are finally sleeping and she can slide into a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, a steamy story, and perhaps a toy that isn’t a rubber ducky.

Books published under the name Kimber Haig:

  • Double the Dudes for Dawn
  • Bull of the Woods — A Billionaire Shifter Romance: In Love with an American Minotaur, Book 1
  • If You Want the A (The Professors Book 1)

Kimber’s Amazon author page.