I am a high school English teacher and, like most other teachers, I have taken great advantage of resources other teachers have made available online. I feel it’s high time I share some of the things I’ve created that may help other teachers save time while preparing lessons. My school doesn’t give teachers their own Web pages, so I’m setting aside space on my writing site for this project. More to come later.

Tone Word Vocabulary Assignment

The above is an assignment I gave this year after our students received iPads. They used a free app called Canva to make the posters, but it can easily be done with construction paper and magazine clippings, or just white paper and their own creativity.

3 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Seriously? Your school district has money to give students iPads but has to get rid of the police officer and custodial workers? Wow…priorities.

    • Most of the time the iPads are donated through a grant program that the teachers themselves have to go to extra training for in order to qualify for free iPads for their students. I promise the school district did not pay for iPads for their students in lieu of security officers. And its not as if every student got their own iPad. There is a certain amount of iPads that are donated and the teachers have to check them out to be able to use them for class.

  2. Yes! In our school we don’t have playground equipment, or even real space for the kids to move, but they have laptops. Different funding.

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